In 2023, a total of 90 teams participated in the Millennium Innovations Award competition, 400 public and private schools in total. 53% of participants were from schools of Tbilisi and 47% regional schools. A total of 12 teams (54 students) made it to the final round of the competition from which the following winners were awarded:



First prize winner: TerraTech


U.S. Embassy PrizeTeam “TerraTech” won the First prize of 2023 Millennium Innovation Award competition – a trip to NASA. High-tech, smart uniform and mining robot was created by students in order to ensure the safety of miners in the work environment. A team of students from Tbilisi, Batumi, Zugdidi and Senaki will go to the NASA Space Center University summer school in the USA.


Second prize winner: From Seeable to Feelable (FSTF)

GITA Prize



The team of N119 public school of Tbilisi “FSTF” became the winner of 2nd place MIA 2023. The team members will participate in the the “ID Tech” technology camp at Stanford University (USA) with the funding of Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA). Team came up with a portable device that turns printed text into braille for the vision impaired persons. 


Third prize winner: Optical Visionaries

Prize of Liberty Bank



The 3rd place winner of MIA 2023 will participate in a study trip to the European Organization for Nuclear research (CERN) in Switzerland. The team, with members of students from Tbilisi and Batumi, created Robot Ophthalmologist, which includes mini diagnostic mobile system and provides both perimeter and visual acuity determination. The third prize is sponsored by the Liberty Bank.


Team “Halove” became the favorite of EPAM Georgia. The team members will participate in a study tour organized by EPAM in Lithuania.