The Millennium Innovations Award Semi-Finals Results Announced

20 Feb 2020

The results of the Millennium Innovations Award (MIA) 2019-202 semi-finals are revealed. The experts jury has selected 12 finalist projects out of 32 semi-finalist teams via consensus. The finalists were selected based on interviews and project presentation in accordance with the MIA evaluation criteria.

The teams from Tbilisi, Rustavi, Tetritskaro, Akhaltsikhe, Senaki, Batumi, Sighnaghi and Sagarejo schools have advanced to the final round of the competition. Millennium Foundation will provide financial support to the finalist teams that will enable them to develop and present innovative projects during the final round of the competition.

MIA Finals will be organized in Spring 2020 in Tbilisi. The teams will present their projects to the MIA Jury and invited guests. The winning team will participate in the Space Center University summer camp at NASA Houston Space Center in the USA in the summer of 2020. The second and third places winners will also participate in STEM programs and/or will be awarded with prizes.

The Millennium Innovations Award Finalist Teams are:

- Mkvlevari | Georgian-French School Lyceum, Sagarejo and Tbilisi #186 and #161 Public Schools

- NaNo | Cervantes Gymnasium AIA-GESS and Village Jugaani Public School of Sighnaghi Municipality

- Metanoia | Cervantes Gymnasium AIA-GESS, Tbilisi; St. Alexi Shushania Gymnasium of Senaki and Buckswood International School, Tbilisi

- Datvis Belebi | Cervantes Gymnasium AIA-GESS and School Albioni, Tbilisi

- Medeori | Georgian-American School Progress; QSI International School of Tbilisi, Tbilisi #175 Public School and Cervantes Gymnasium AIA-GESS, Tbilisi

- SPECTRUM | Cervantes Gymnasium AIA-GESS, Tbilisi and Komarovi Public School #199, Tbilisi

- INVENTAS | Tbilisi #87 Public School and Shavnabada School, Tbilisi

- GoGeoGo | Akhaltsikhe Public School #1, Akhaltsikhe

- Atom | Cervantes Gymnasium AIA-GESS, Tbilisi; Georgian-Austrian School "Pesvebi" and Georgian American School "Progress", Batumi.

- helIOS | I. Vekua Public School #42, Tbilisi

- IOKOS | Rustavi Public School #22, Rustavi

- Didostatis Marjvena| Tetritskaro Public School #1, Tetritskaro

The Millennium Innovations Award has been implemented since 2014 with the financial support of the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia and NASA Space Center. The Millennium Innovations Award encourages innovative ideas and project implementation in STEM fields and technologies among youth.

Congratulations to all teams making it to the MIA finals!