The Winners of Business for Gender Equality Awards

26 Mar 2021

The winners of the Business for Gender Equality Awards 2020 are:


Financial Organization - Crystal is implementing a large-scale initiative for women's gender empowerment - Buzz Georgia, which aims to make personal development and entrepreneurial and business education accessible to women in rural areas of Georgia. Within the scope of the program, more than 2,500 women will gain access to knowledge, entrepreneurship, finance and business services in 2020-2024. Crystal cooperates with various regional community organizations to promote the socio-economic development of women from various vulnerable groups. The Women Mentoring Program was launched at the organization to empower female employees.


Company GEPRA  is among the first five companies to become a signatory to the Women's Empowerment Principles in 2017 and has developed a WEPs Action Plan. The head of the company is a woman and the percentage of women in managerial positions is higher than the percentage of men. The company actively operates the training and mentoring system that aims to support women's education, training and professional development. The system includes issues related with gender equality, as well as general consulting, crisis management, communication campaigns, media planning, branding and so on.


Adjara Group is a member of the United Nations Global Impact (UN Global Impact) initiative and a signatory to the UN Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and highly prioritizes achieving equal representation of both genders on all levels of the company's operations. The company has integrated WEPs principles into its core business values and decision-making processes. Currently, CEOs of all companies in the Adjara Group are women.