General education programs created under the Millennium Challenge Corporation II Compact were positively evaluated

01 Aug 2023

The American research organization Mathematica presented the evaluation of the results of the Improving General Education Quality Project implemented under the MCC II Compact (grant) in Georgia, commissioned by the US Millennium Challenge Corporation.

The representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Education Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, international donor organizations and the employees of the Millennium Foundation attended the meeting, where the results of the schools' rehabilitation and educators' training component were presented.

The evaluation's analyses suggest that due to improved pedagogy and school infrastructure, the learning environment, teacher practice and student learning has improved in the targeted schools, particularly:

  • - 91 schools were fully rehabilitated which resulted in improvement in classroom walls, ceilings, and floors; electrical lighting and central heating were installed; classroom temperatures and air quality increased and sanitary facilities were upgraded; and new science labs were provided;
  • - Rehabilitated schools created a positive learning environment for students that led them to feel more safe, be more motivated, and to learn more.
  • - Teachers trained by the program are putting into practice what they have learned to create more child centered learning that will equip children to be successful in their adult lives.

The Compact offered training to Georgia's entire population of secondary-level school directors (about 2,000) and all of Georgia's upper-grade teachers in the subjects of science, mathematics, English, and geography (about 18,000 teachers). Two years after training, nearly all trained teachers continued to report that they are confident in having enough knowledge to apply the student-centered instruction practices that were the focus of the project. Trained teachers also reported large post-training improvements in their use of teaching practices related to students' critical thinking and collaboration.

"A $73 million Improving General Education Quality Project implemented during 2013-19 within the MCC Compact of the US government, aimed to improve the quality of STEM education in the country. We are very proud to see that our joint efforts have made positive impact in improving the learning environment for Georgian students. Substantial investment was made in rehabilitating education infrastructure and constructing science laboratories in targeted 91 schools. A one year sequence of training activities was also provided to STEM educators and school directors on a nationwide basis", - explains Magda Magradze, Executive Director of the Millennium Foundation.

During the three years after the completion of the MCC II Compact, the research organization Mathematica has evaluated the impact of the American investment on Georgia's general education sector, specifically due to schools' rehabilitation and educators training. The Compact evaluation results allows MCC to draw important lessons. Successful practices from Georgian Compact implementation will be considered in the future program planning of MCC.