Georgian Innovators Success at STEM Summer Schools in the USA and Europe

18 Aug 2023

The students from 2022 winning teams of the Millennium Innovation Award, comprising 20 students in total, enriched their experiences at STEM summer camps across the USA and Europe. Specifically:

  • Team LIGGA: Five members embarked on an enlightening journey at the NASA Space Center University training program in the USA.
  • Team Firelink: They honed their skills at the iD Tech camp located at Stanford University.
  • Team Mad Scientist: This group ventured to the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland.
  • Team Atemporal: They expanded their tech knowledge at EPAM Garage in Poland.

Magda Magradze, CEO of the Millennium Foundation, remarked, "All 2022 winners attended international camps, as announced. Through the US Embassy's funding and our partner organizations' support, these students accessed leading STEM camps in the US and Europe for week-long training. We believe these experiences will inspire their futures in STEM."

At the Johnson Space Center's official visitor centre in Houston, young innovators dived deep into NASA's operations and activities, creating various prototype. They toured live astronaut training centre and Christopher Craft Mission Control Center. The students also experienced simulated weightlessness through underwater diving. Their week culminated in a meeting with NASA astronaut Bill McArthur, a space veteran with four trips and 224 days in space.

Backed by the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency, Firelink members attended 3D Printing and Design course at Id Tech camp at Stanford University and got their hands in leading 3D software. At the end of the program, students worked independently on their own project and created unique character designs.

Thanks to Liberty Bank's sponsorship, the Mad Scientist team at CERN in Switzerland engaged with Georgian scientists and were introduced to cutting-edge experiments and colliders. Their visit was peppered with lectures, lab visits, and a trip to Georgia's permanent UN representation in Geneva.

Atemporal members, with EPAM Georgia's support, journeyed to Poland, gaining insights into technology's multifaceted nature, coding basics, VR exploration, and vital skills for their project's future evolution.

Encouraging peers to join future Millennium Innovation Award, participants shared, "This project enriches you immensely. Beyond academic growth, you'll refine teamwork, communication, and presentation skills. Winning isn't everything; the journey and acquired knowledge are paramount."

Since 2014, the Millennium Innovation Award, supported by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia and other partners, has fostered innovation and STEM education among Georgian youth. Teams participating in the competition must present their projects in the fields of Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). Up to 3,000 students have participated in the competition so far.