TVET programs created under the Millennium Challenge Corporation II Compact were positively evaluated

02 Feb 2023

The American research organization Mathematica has presented the evaluation of the results of the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) program implemented under the MCC II Compact (grant) in Georgia, commissioned by the US Millennium Challenge Corporation.

The representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, as well as TVET educational institutions involved in the program, international donor organizations, non-governmental organizations and employees of the Millennium Foundation attended the presentation on February 2. The "Industry-Led Skills and Workforce Development" Project implemented under the Compact was successfully assessed against all evaluation criteria.

The evaluation’s analyses suggest, that:

- Graduates of new TVET programs created as a result of the Compact were able to get employed in higher-paying jobs.
- The programs meet the requirements of the labor market better than other existing programs, since most of the graduates of these programs were able to find employment immediately after completing their studies.
- More than three-quarters of TVET trainees found employment within a year of the course ending.
- Benchmarking against all public TVET courses in Georgia suggests that the new courses likely improved the employment rate and earnings of trainees during the pandemic.
- The employment rate of graduates was 15% higher than the national benchmark, and their income was 12-13% higher than the average rate of other graduates of similar programs.
- More than 60 TVET programs created as a result of the Compact continue to successfully enrol students and are in demand by both students and employers, which emphasizes the sustainability of the program.

During the three years after the completion of the MCC II Compact, the research organization Mathematica has evaluated the impact of the American investment on Georgia's vocational education sector, specifically on students and program graduates.

"The MCC Compact of the US government implemented during 2013-19 included projects in the general, vocational and higher education sectors for the development of human capital in Georgia. A $16 million vocational education project funded under the Compact has been successfully implemented, according to a study conducted by an independent research organization and presented today by American researchers. The study revealed that the objectives of the compact were successfully met. The Compact implemented by the US government in Georgia is recognized as one of the successful models. The successful implementation of the compact is due to great contribution provided by both the governments of the USA and Georgia and by all local partner organizations that actively worked in the training of highly qualified workforce necessary for the economic growth of Georgia", - said Magda Magradze, Executive Director of the Millennium Foundation.